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more scenarios, more possibilities: citic group collective demo of digital achie

2019-10-18 15:00:00

a high-definition movie can be instantly downloaded; video calling in miles can be received without “lagging”; sitting at an interactive virtual reality chair with vr glasses allows immersive experience in an extremely realistic digital space, including senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell; transfer can be completed through voice instructions to mobile banking, etc. all these scenarios, which seemed improbable, are gradually coming into reality.  


on october 18, the world internet conference stepped into “wuzhen time”. as a large comprehensive enterprise covering finance and industry and proactively embracing internet, citic group, with its subsidiaries in various fields, demonstrated their latest achievements of deep integration between abundant industrial resources and internet with themes of “finance technology”, “manufacturing technology”, “life technology” and “technology empowering”.

xu zuo, vice gm of citic group, said that technology revolution represented by new generation of internet technologies is profoundly changing our world. in recent years, citic group, with philosophy of symbiosis and sharing, vigorously advances digital transformation through connection, user collection, data production as well as business and organization model reconstruction, striving to create an industrial internet with citic features. 

finance technology: make us more human and know you better.

in the “finance technology” section, citic bank displayed 13 new technologies in this exhibition with the subject of “smart finance with thoughtful services at hand”, including ecological open platforms and channels, unique internet financial businesses, intelligent management platforms, etc.

among these, citic brain integrated deep learning, natural language processing, figure calculation and other core artificial intelligence technologies to realize “personalized” product recommendations in retail field and promote precision marketing for customers. “citic e loan” products of inclusive finance series actively accelerate deep integration between micro-businesses and new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and blockchains. and through five times of upgrade, mobile banking application can realize characteristics of “able to talk”, “very smart”, “more reliable” and “more considerate” and offer sweet services with more human touch.

manufacturing technology: achieve high-quality development

the “manufacturing technology” section showcases the achievements of citic group in technological innovation and high-quality development in the high-end manufacturing field. among them, citic dicastal relies on its thirty years of wheel manufacturing technical experience and builds the highly automated, highly flexible, and highly intelligent line 6 factory, to create “future factory” in the wheel industry; citic heavy industry demonstrates its self-developed special robot manufacturing, as well as the mining equipment industry internet platform containing knowledge and experience in industrial technology, management, and applications, and uses this platform to empower small and medium enterprises to build a mining equipment industry ecosystem; citic special steel demonstrates the application of intelligent manufacturing in blast furnace ironmaking, which realizes smelting digitization and intelligence through the application of the internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, and completes process optimization and the control of major equipment such as furnaces and furnace bodies, and achieves energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction.

life technology: make life better

in the “life technology” section, citic group has created a series of new business scenarios and platforms around the theme of a better life. as a quality life service platform that connects excellent enterprises inside and outside of citic group, one-citic utilizes blockchain technology to strongly link its multi-type enterprises and external multi-field cooperation brands, making cross-industry, multi-scenario membership services available for users with only one digital identity needed. after only one year of development, the number of registered users of the platform has exceeded 60 million, and 24 member companies have joined; citic press will show how to use technology to create richer knowledge carriers such as e-books, audio books, and live video; mcdonald’s china actively promotes the “future restaurant” experience and continually provides personalized products and customer-centered services with digital hardware. at present, more than 70% of restaurants have completed the “future restaurant” upgrade; digital domain fully embraces 5g technology innovation, unites its subsidiary digital domain space and 3glasses, with the theme of “in a blink of an eye, the world is different”, to exhibit its “digital kingdom oasis” vr experience center launched offline, a new generation of consumer-grade ultra-thin vr glasses series “x1” and other unique virtual world experience services.

technology empowering: promote digital transformation

citic industrial cloud has developed an open service platform with independent intellectual property which provides industrial internet applications and services in multiple fields such as iot, smart park, smart water services, in order to promote the digital transformation of traditional industries. citic startup subordinate to citic industrial cloud offers all-round closed-loop services for the evolution of corporate digital innovation from nothing by seven service modules including innovation stimulation, innovation fostering, innovation consulting, innovative solutions, scenarios application, technical supports, and investment acceleration. citic telecom international has been expanding its market and has constructed more extensive infrastructures covering over 13 countries in regions along the “belt and road” economic belt such as europe, asia, and russia, creating an information-based “digital silk road”. at present, the company’s network nodes have covered more than 130 countries and regions and connected to more than 600 operators worldwide. citic industrial cloud’s subsidiary, ctm, as the main operator for macau’s smart city plan, will also exhibit the services it can offer in smart healthcare, smart transportation, and smart education.

unique comprehensive strength: create an unique citic industrial internet

this year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the internet and the 25th anniversary of china’s full-featured access to the internet. the world today is going through a larger and deeper technological revolution and industrial transformation. internet technology is increasingly extending from consumption to production, which continuously improves product quality and productivity, increase effective supply, and foster new growth points. therefore, the industrial internet has become a new trend for economic development.

citic group operates in various fields such as financial, resource and energy, equipment manufacturing, engineering contracting, real estate, and modern service industry, and having a distinctive edge in integrating various industrial resources and technologies. moreover, it has the opportunity to combine the consumer internet and the industrial internet as one and actively pioneers the transformation, upgrading and development of the chinese economy.


since the launch of citic group’s internet transformation strategy in august 2016, we have continuously achieved some results on transformation. citic group is actively transforming from a traditional industry-oriented enterprise to a digital group, in order to serve more efficiently and accurately the economic and social development of china.


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