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citic trust claimed two years in a row the industry-only “trust company of the y

2019-12-09 15:06:00

citic trust won the industry-only“trust company of the year in china”award at the global wealth and society awards submit 2019 held by the asian banker. this was the second time that citic trust had won this award, representing its peers in china.

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the asian banker, founded in 1996, is a global research and consulting house on the financial services industry that has an extensive presence across the asia pacific, middle east and africa for more than 20 years. it maintains long-term relationships with many large financial institutions in china, including industrial and commercial bank of china, china construction bank and china merchants bank.

the global wealth and society awards program was launched to select the high-net-worth individuals and institutions that have made a positive impact on the society. the program is open to all banks and non-bank financial institutions around the world, and comprehensively assesses and rates the participating institutions based on their brand values, financial performance, social impact, products and services. the assessment is transparent and accurate. the asian banker launched the program to assess the trust sector in china from 2018, when citic trust was awarded the “best trust company in china” and “best charitable trust product/service”, as the first chinese trust company that won this international award.

with overall strength ahead of other trust companies, citic trust is the only one that has remained in the top three ranking for its core indicators for 11 consecutive years. in 2019, it recorded investor distributable earnings of over cny 50 billion, and trust assets of over cny 1.6 trillion. it is seeking innovations while maintaining steady growth: the innovative services that the company has put forth effort to develop experienced incredible breakthroughs in 2019. services include service trusts, asset-backed securities, consumer finance, wealth management, and financial technology.


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