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celebration of the 30th anniversary of the development of nb-steels technology i

2009-12-23 11:45:00

in order to celebrate 30 years’ development of nb-steels technology in china and to commend organizations and individuals who have made great contributions to nb application promotion, citic group, together with chinese society for metals (csm) and china iron and steel research institute group (cisri), held the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the development of nb-steels technology in china & award ceremony and international seminar in beijing on december 12, 2009.

a total of 140 people attended the event, including mr. wang jun, former chairman of citic group and honorary director of citic-cbmm microalloying technology center, mr. wang dianzuo, academician of both chinese academy of engineering (cae) and chinese academy of sciences (cas) and former executive vice president of cae, mr. wu xichun, honorary president of china iron & steel association (cisa) and honorary director of citic-cbmm microalloying technology center, mr. mi zengxin, vice president of citic group and director of citic-cbmm microalloying technology center. also present were experts and representatives from organizations of iron and steel, oil, automobile, construction and railway industries such as baosteel, ansteel, wisco, cisri, university of science & technology beijing, northeastern university, cnpc tubular goods research center, faw, china automotive engineering research institute and so on.

mr. sun yufeng, president of citic metal, hosted the celebration and award ceremony. mr. wu xichun, mr. mi zengxin, mr. gan yong, and mr. hu xiaojun gave speeches respectively, extending their congratulations on the remarkable achievements of chinese nb steel technology over the last three decades.

on behalf of citic group, mr. mi zengxin expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the friends who have been supporting the development of citic group and citic metal. citic would bring into full play the advantages of the group and its subsidiaries and affiliates to boost iron ore production and fenb trade, and support nb-steel technology research and application, making greater contributions to promoting the development of china's steel industry and building china into a strong player in the world's iron and steel market, said mr. mi.

at the meeting, 14 organizations such as the research institute of baosteel and the technology center of ansteel received "citic-cbmm nb-steels science & technology development award (1979-2009)", and 5 other organizations including sha-steel took the "citic-cbmm nb-steels science & technology development 2008 rising star award ". and 10 representatives were awarded the "medal of honor for the 30th anniversary of china’s nb-steels technology development".

for three decades, researchers and technicians of china’s steel and downstream industries have experienced stages of learning, research, innovation, production and application of the entire development cycle of microalloying technology, making outstanding contributions to the theoretical research in and technological application of nb steel in china. nb steels have been widely used in oil and gas pipelines, cars, large ships and containers, steel structures of modern high-rise buildings, road and cross-sea bridges, mining and construction machinery, power generation equipment, high-temperature alloys, precision alloys, cast iron and steel, etc., which has greatly contributed to the country’s economy and national defense, and has laid an important foundation for the development and application of high-performance steel in an era of low-carbon economy. with the continuing cooperation between steel industry and its up- and downstream industries, even greater achievements can be made in the future!


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