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citic environment is the dedicated investment, construction, and operation platform for environmental protection within the citic group. in july 2022, citic environment and citic engineering were merged. with a strong commitment to excellence, renowned brand reputation, innovation, and modern governance, it strives to become a world-class environmental industry group. the company actively contributes to the ecological conservation and new-type urbanization drive in china. its business covers various fields, including water treatment and resource utilization, water environmental governance, green industrial services, environmental equipment manufacturing, hazardous and solid waste disposal and utilization, integrated area governance, green building, and intelligent construction. it has implemented numerous projects in china, the united states, southeast asia, as well as countries and regions along the belt and road initiative. the company’s architectural designs were well-received in multiple countries in asia, africa, and latin america. its brands, such as “citic environmental technology”, “central & southern china municipal engineering design and research institute”, “memstar”, “citic design”, “citic intelligent construction platform”, and “citic smart water”, enjoy a high reputation in the industry. the company boasts several core patented technologies, including nips process for membrane preparation, tips process for membrane preparation, ro manufacturing, energy-efficient mbr processes, fenton-membrane processes, mbr pre-treatment processes, and autonomous bim software. it holds a leading position in the industry and provides comprehensive services and solutions throughout the entire lifecycle and digitalization process, ranging from water environmental governance, high-end environmental equipment manufacturing, green industrial services, water and hazardous waste project management and operation, to project planning, investment and financing, engineering design, and construction.

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