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citic industrial investment is the capital operation platform of citic group. with the goal of improving the efficiency and return on state-owned capital, the company is dedicated to building a high-quality state-owned capital operation company. it has successfully developed projects such as daxie island and has actively engaged in the highway development of chongqing. citic industrial investment has also invested in and holds controlling stakes in citic dicastal, the world’s largest aluminum wheel manufacturer, and citic agriculture, a global leader in hybrid rice seed business. currently, the company is actively exploring the synergistic development model of “elderly care finance” within citic group and aims to build a leading urban, integrated, and comprehensive elderly care enterprise that combines medical and health services. it has invested in and operates eight projects in the core cities of the yangtze river delta, including ccrc (continuing care retirement community), urban comprehensive elderly care projects, and chained elderly care institutions, providing a total of 3,300 beds. citic industrial investment has made financial investments in outstanding health and wellness companies such as concord medical and linatech, technology companies including china transinfo and cambricon, as well as consumer brands including lao fengxiang and jinhui liquor.

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